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At The Ingersoll Group we pride ourselves on offering multiple solutions for our clients and providing support and assistance in the most critical business components of any successful organization.

Of course, the foundation of The Ingersoll Group's intellectual property originated with the development of a wide range of seminars focused on sales skills.  While any firm in the business of performance improvement is likely to have a sales-focused seminar program, IGI's differs dramatically in a number of ways, not the least of which is focusing on dramatically decreasing the costs associated with training your organization by limiting their time out of the field.  For example, our seminars last hours, not days.

We realized at our inception what most training companies still can't seem to grasp - training doesn't work. It's the ongoing coaching and reinforcement that dramatically impacts performance and return on investment, not the classroom.  So while we of course build customized and impactful seminars for our clients, it's our focus on ensuring that the content isn't lost once the attendees leave the room that has allowed our clients to see a much greater impact than they would see with our competitors. 

Perhaps no part of what we do at The Ingersoll Group has been more welcomed and utilized by our clients as much as our consulting services . IGI's consulting arm is the best "shared risk" deliverable anywhere in the performance improvement industry, bar none. In other words, when it comes to utilizing our consulting services - our paycheck depends on yours.

There has likely never been a moment when it was more critical for our clients to protect, and if possible grow, their existing customer base.  And how is it that we know this has become so critical?  Because our clients told us, and then asked us, to build a customer service   program that helped them not only provide true support for their customers, but also assisted them in solidifying their existing revenue stream from attack from competitors.  IGI's customer service program, Satisfied Doesn't Matter™ is a revolutionary look at customer service and the drive to build and maintain a loyal customer base, not just a satisfied one.

Lastly, the main driver of any profitable, revenue producing organization also happens to be under the most pressure with the fewest resources in decades...the management teams of almost every organization are as pressured and under-resourced as in any time in modern sales.  As a result it is critical that IGI works with our client's leadership teams in a concise and impactful manner, and also provide them the tools for reinforcement and personnel development that they need to literally do more with less.