Coaching to Strength's

Training without proper coaching is the single most significant risk of funds in the performance improvement industry. Improper coaching is worse than not attempting to coach at all.

Coaching to Strength's helps managers better identify the varying performers on their team, and teaches them how to properly motivate and manage each of them to produce true thoroughbreds within their organizations.


Coaching to Strength’s also arms managers with the strategic information needed to ensure optimum use of their coaching and development time.

The Thoroughbreds – Sales professionals that consistently outperform their peers; and have the potential to improve in some areas.

The Foundation Builders – Sales professionals who meet expectations but rarely exceed them; and do not appear to have the ability to easily increase performance.

The Mysteries – Sales professionals with low production compared to their apparent potential and will to improve.

The Challenges – Sales professionals who consistently underperform and appear not to improve with coaching or attention.