Management and Leadership Training Print

Never have the nation's sales and support leaders felt under more scrutiny and stress than they are experiencing right now.  Of course, the most common theme we hear from our clients and the business world is, "How can we really do more with less?"

While the economy and financial pressures of the past 12 to 18 months have driven most companies to change focus and scramble for new answers, the truth is that the key to maintaining revenue and margin still lies right there where it was before…the answer is in your people.

What The Ingersoll Group has been able to develop in response to the pressure and time constraints on the business leaders throughout the country, are management programs and consulting support designed to provide your internal coaches with a blueprint for developing their remaining resources more effectively and rapidly.

The foundational program designed specifically to aid your organizations "internal coaches", Coaching to Strength's™, has literally helped over thousands of managers from a multitude of industries get the most out of their teams.

Coaching to Strengths™ first identifies and educates your managers on the traps that so many sales and support leaders are falling into during this time of stress, but even more importantly, it guides them through devising a strategy and development plan for every member of their team individually.  Each manager leaves with personal development plans for every member of their team - along with a strategy for assisting them in planning for, and closing, the top opportunities in their funnels.

So stop looking anywhere but right in front of you for the results that you want from your organization, and let The Ingersoll Group arm your existing sales and support leadership with the skills and strategies that allow them to differentiate themselves from your competitors more effectively.