Custom Design Print

"I have never seen anything like it, the program that we had The Ingersoll Group build for us literally started on the back of a napkin."

      -   Drew Taylor, President
          Automotive Detail, Inc.

We understand that each client may be facing some unique challenges, and that new challenges can arise quickly. In order to respond effectively, IGI employs not only some of the top business consultants in the country – but also the support and design staff to ensure that the seminars and content designed for our clients is contextual, realistic and impactful.


In fact, that includes the length of our programs as well. All of our content is designed in such a way as to be flexible enough to be delivered in varying lengths and formats. This allows our clients to dedicate their teams to engagements as long as two (2) days in length, or as short as three (3) hours.

We realize that time is money, and the time that you can commit your team to a classroom or seminar is valuable. Our customized content allows you the ability to not only build your own content, but decide how that content will be delivered as well.