Triple Threat™ Call Planning Print

Proper preparation is crucial to winning business in today’s competitive environment. Triple Threat™ ensures your managers and sales professionals prepare, perform and perfect their sales call strategy and presentations. It also provides managers with the proper reinforcement tools to drive personal development within their teams, and drive results more profitably.


Prepare – Teaches your sales professionals and managers the strategic preparation tools of world class sales organizations, such as competitive research, war rooming, pre-mortem exercises and others.

Perform – To coach or to sell? IGI works with your managers to ensure they know when to do each, and how to best effectively close business while still developing their sales professionals to perform on their own.

Perfect – Provides managers and sales professionals with objective criteria and scorecards to garner faster improvement in closing business efficiently and profitably. Designed to dramatically improve your sales professional’s closing skills and pre-call preparation, along with how to better analyze, and reduce, lost opportunities.