Understanding the Buyer's State™ Print

One of the biggest mistakes performance improvement companies continue to make is to believe that there are customers that are "content", or must be "provoked" into beginning to look at alternatives. In fact, in today's world, customers are in a constant state of awareness.

They are more aware than ever of your competitors, and aware that there are likely new solutions to their business issues in the marketplace, or soon to be on the way. Therefore, it's critical to understand the state of your customer and how to best influence their decision making throughout the Buyer’s State™.


This program teaches managers and salespeople the five buying state’s; awareness, concern, assessment, action and re-action. As well as teaches them how to indentify the state of their buyer, and maneuver them through the states to closure.

Awareness – while not concerned about current state, customer certainly knows there are options.

Concern – customer begins to feel that their current state may be detrimental to ongoing success.

Assessment – customers assess both vendor options and the current costs of not making a change.

Action - a decision has been made to change their current state.

Re-action – the decision to change is analyzed again, both on vendor results and internal benefit.