Push, Pull or Hold™ Print

Regardless of industry, potential customers come to us in one of three ways: Push, Pull or Hold™. This program helps managers and sales professionals determine whether a customer was pushed to them by a poor performing competitor, pulled to them by advertising or a sales call, or whether they are an existing client they are trying to hold onto - and how they should respond to, and interact with, each of these very different types of customers.

This program not only teaches managers and sales professionals how to recognize which type of prospect they are confronted with, but also how to dramatically improve the likelihood of winning their trust and business. Push, Pull or Hold™ is particularly critical in product-focused industries or environments in which those products are generally viewed as a commodity or in a retail fashion.


Push – these prospects generally have been pushed to you not due to price, but by service deficiencies of their current vendor. How do our sales professionals position and win this business most effectively?

Pull – the most expensive type of customer due to your investment in garnering their attention. IGI ensures that your sales professionals win this business more often and with a higher profit margin.

Hold – current customers that are under attack from your competitors, and also are the most profitable source of additional revenue. There are specific ways in which to defend and grow these customers.