Customer Service & Retention Print

The simple fact is that you cannot outsell turnover in your customer base. Existing customers are far more likely to have higher margins than the new business you win, and they are also far more likely to maintain a consistent revenue run rate than their "newer" counterparts in your cadre of customers.

Unfortunately, the art of customer service has fallen on horrid times; a generally more frustrated consumer / customer is demanding more than just an 800# or a home phone on the back of a business card. And sales and support organizations are just as to blame for the general poor perception of customer service, and mainly because we have simply set the bar too low - satisfied can no longer be the benchmark. If you want to truly arm your sales and support organizations with the ability to maintain revenue, they must be able to create a loyal customer base, not just a satisfied one.

Built specifically at the request of some of our existing clients, Satisfied Doesn't Matter™ is IGI's revolutionary look at the degradation in loyal customers throughout the business world, and what you and your organization can do to dramatically improve your CSAT and overall customer retention.

Focused primarily on customer service in its most granular form; conflict resolution, Satisfied Doesn't Matter™ takes your sales and support team through actual customer scenarios that they face on a daily basis and assists them in not only truly corrective techniques, but also provides them with an outline for more proactive customer development.