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Because The Ingersoll Group utilizes consultants, not trainers, as the backbone of our team - we are positioned more effectively than any other performance improvement company in the industry to augment our standard seminar offering with on-site and specific consulting services.

The foundation of IGI's consulting services is based on dramatically minimizing the risk to our clients, and sharing in their success - not charging outrageous fees based on the "promise" of improvement.  In fact, most of IGI's consulting services are designed in a way in which no fees are due The Ingersoll Group, until and unless our clients see direct revenue as a result of the consulting engagement.

In other words, our paycheck depends on yours.

Even with the flexibility we offer our clients in the form of payment options , there are times when potential and existing clients simply cannot afford to train their entire sales and support organization.  We understand that, what we also understand is that at the very least our clients also cannot afford to allow their biggest opportunities fall by the wayside.  So as a result we have developed our wildly popular program Checkmate™ . Designed to assist our clients in the closing a specific, individual opportunity rather than train their entire sales organization, Checkmate™ is brought to bear by our clients on those opportunities that can literally make or break a quarter or entire fiscal year.  Just as important, if you don't close the opportunity with our assistance, you don't pay us.

Also popular is our Advanced Account Acquisition Process™ in which IGI consultants work with your existing sales and support infrastructure to analyze the entire "funnel" of potential customers, in addition to providing on-site support and guidance in driving your customer base from initial contact to fully functioning and revenue producing asset. Again, with the vast majority of our fees tied directly to the revenue produced for our clients. No revenue for you, no fees for us.

The Ingersoll Group has also provided consulting assistance to our clients in the form of organizational structure and design, compensation, territory management and employee selection and assessment.