Sales Skills Print

First of all, we realize that developing your people and improving their capabilities is critical, but it cannot come with the high price of time out of the field, the saturation of internal resources trying to manage the process of scouting locations and hotel reservations, and especially exorbitant design and licensing fees.  That's why we have designed our content in such a way as to be flexible and delivered in hours rather than days.  Many of our seminars can be delivered on-site and in such a way as to allow your sales team to literally be out in the field the same day as their training - turning your investment into real production immediately.

Our skills-focused content assists your salespeople with a myriad of critical capabilities including but not limited to how to better differentiate from their competition, recognizing where their customer's are in their particular buying state , improve and defend margins with better negotiating skills - even becoming better at recognizing why their potential customers are really interested in meeting with them in the first place.  Yes, it matters.

Also, the time spent in the seminar is focused on actual opportunities and challenges that your sales team is facing - so they leave with a game plan for a specific account that they can bring to bear that day in an effort to drive revenue immediately.

We also provide your organization's managers / coaches with post-seminar support that is unrivaled in the industry, and frankly has been one of the most significant shortcomings of the performance improvement industry as a whole for years.

Of course, in addition to our foundational skills content, IGI routinely creates customized content built specifically to address the short term needs of our clients and drive immediate impact for your organization.